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A For Columbus network is a relationally-driven group of diverse Christian leaders who share a common commitment to saturate Columbus with the gospel and co-create impact in a particular neighborhood or within a defined cause. To learn more, click here.


Check out existing networks in Central Ohio below!

What is a For Columbus Network?




For Columbus stewards two types of networks: cause-based (prayer, discipleship, church planting, etc.) and neighborhood-based (Westside, Northland, Delaware, etc). Use the tabs above to browse all For Columbus networks based on these groupings.

Interested in starting a network?

Information about expectations around what a For Columbus Network is can be found here.


We have a bold ambition — to see every pastor, executive director, and marketplace leader reap the rewards of investing in one of our networks. These networks serve as the vibrant heartbeat, nurturing a genuine gospel movement. Together, we can make a powerful impact that transcends boundaries and propels the message of the gospel forward. Contact us to get started!

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