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A Gathering of Hearts: Pastors Unite to Reflect on "Practicing The Way

In a world filled with noise and distractions, finding the time for introspection and spiritual growth can be challenging. Yet, recognizing the need for a collective journey toward deeper spirituality, 75 pastors from various denominations recently gathered together to reflect on the profound themes presented in John Mark Comer's new book and ministry called "Practicing The Way." This gathering was not just an intellectual exploration but a shared commitment to embodying the transformative practices that Jesus himself lived out. 

The Pastors Hub was more than a mere event; it was a confluence of hearts and minds, a blend of diverse perspectives seeking a common understanding. The pastors, hailing from different theological backgrounds and ministerial contexts, recognized the Kingdom calling we all have to “be with Jesus, become like him, and do as he did.” For Columbus’ partnership with Practicing the Way served as a unifying conversation for spiritual formation that transcends the boundaries we typically hold. 

Pastor Brandon Shields, an executive leader with Practicing The Way, led us through personal reflection as pastors and also through how to become a congregation of disciples who embody a more authentic and thriving walk with Jesus. 

The pastors left the gathering with a renewed sense of personal commitment and practical strategies for implementing the principles from "Practicing The Way" within their congregations. To gather pastors like this was a real testament to the hunger for spiritual depth in today's fast-paced world, and the ripple effect of this collective commitment promises to impact not only the pastors but also the communities they serve.


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