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Soul Care Network

One of the newest developments to emerge within the For Columbus ecosystem in the past year is the Soul Care Network.  It’s a network of 'soul care' professionals and practitioners who are working to see the flourishing of individuals, and whom are all approaching that vision from various angles.  These providers include counselors, trauma/addiction specialists, pastoral care-givers, psychologists, spiritual directors, chaplains and psychotherapists.  Each brings a strength from their own area of discipline, and a unique perspective from their practice, that enriches the network as a whole through cross-pollination.

Soul Care has been chosen as the operative (current) title of the network which may cause confusion for some.  We lean into and borrow from Dallas Willard’s (former USC professor of philosophy) conception of the human person.  He spoke of the human soul as being comprised of the body, mind and spirit.  The soul is the ‘permeable membrane' of the human person which surrounds, or encapsulates, the body, mind, and spirit.  Thus ’soul care’ is directed at the whole person and those practices which address needs of the whole person are, in effect, soul care.

It’s our hope that the network will first and foremost be a space for personal connection amongst soul care professionals and practitioners, and that from those developing friendships a platform for support, encouragement, training, discussion, referrals and hoped-for collaboration for the flourishing of people will develop.  That will be a win for Greater Columbus!  The network is open to anyone who is a Christ-follower working in one of the named fields, or a related one.  Network gatherings occur quarterly.  For more information, contact Shane Tucker, Director of Networks


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