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Workplace Hub

Where the majority of the world’s population lives.

Where the Church at Work can bring heaven to earth.

Where the majority of the world’s population lives.

Where the Church at Work can bring heaven to earth.

City Impact Initiative

Thursday, May 16–Friday, May 17
8:30am–5:00pm Both Days

For Columbus is hosting a catalytic two-day workshop that will cultivate next-level flourishing across greater Columbus. We are in the process of building a prayerful and strategic plan to harness the collective impact of workplace leaders across the city, and your contribution will be invaluable to shaping the future of this city-wide initiative. The two days will be facilitated by Ford Taylor of Transformational Leadership and Chuck Proudfit of At Work On Purpose. Our goal is to leave the two days with clear next steps.


We will also feature influential leaders, visionaries, and difference-makers from different sectors of Columbus’ workplace.  Transformation happens at the speed of relationships, so the primary objective of this gathering is to strengthen social capital and strategic relationships among the Christian leaders who attend.

City ImpactInitiative


Karl Road Baptist Church
5750 Karl Rd
Columbus, OH 43229




Doors Open at 8am Both Days

foundational questions

What can we do better together in Columbus?

How can we sustain collaboration over time?

What are our next steps going forward?


steering team


Nick Nye

Executive Director of For Columbus

John Watkins

Business Owner / Entrepreneur

Trina Ryan

VP of Shaw Industries 

Chuck Proudfit

At Work On Purpose, Cincinnati Ohio


  • We pray for a diverse representation of workplace leaders from all sectors of business, education, and government. We hope that this movement reflects the vast diversity of Columbus in ethnicity, race, male and female that embody three aspects–

    1. Capability - If you are in a position of influence in your workplace. (i.e, owner, manager, or leader)

    2. Availability - If you have the ongoing ability to give time to a shared vision of city transformation. 

    3. Compatibility - If you “think city” and are interested in contributing beyond your vocation or congregation. 

  • We know two days is a lot to take off work and be present. But because the two days build off each other, we encourage everyone to commit to both days. However, if you can only commit to one day, please come the first day as it’s foundational. 

  • Because our hope is to be extremely collaborative, we will walk through various stages of seeing our city through spiritual eyes and hear from many practitioners on how the workplace can make a sustainable impact. 

  • A successful workshop will include three elements.

    1. Relational Depth – We want everyone to leave with deeper relationships across many sectors of Columbus. 

    2. Spiritually Reviving - We want a real sense of God’s hand as we build this work. Not by our own, but by the Spirit’s leading.

    3. Strategic Plan - We want to leave seeing a clearer pathway toward a spiritually and socially flourishing city. 

  • We encourage you to join the Barnabas Circle—an investor community that is committed to partnering with For Columbus to actualize a holistic city movement in central Ohio. To receive an invitation, email

    You can also give directly at

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