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Annual Report 2023

Not a day goes by without hearing this sentiment: “God is doing incredibly unique, amazing work in Columbus right now!” Pastors, marketplace leaders, and nonprofit directors are all feeling it right now because we are starting to see the beginnings of a true gospel movement. After decades of gospel work, we are seeing the fruit, and we are just getting started.

“In Columbus as it is in heaven”

Right now in Central Ohio, we are witnessing the fastest numerical shift in religious affiliation from Christian to “religious nones” while, at the same time, we are facing explosive growth in population, economic destabilization, and underutilized resources. Underneath these incredible cultural shifts comes the greatest missiological opportunity of our lifetime.

We believe that God has been orchestrating a gospel-rich, unified, city-wide network before our eyes, bringing together congregations, specialty ministries, and marketplace leaders of different races, denominations, and languages to embody the good news as one. For Columbus, it is more than an organizational experiment but a new wineskin to carry out God's vision to “unify the Church of Columbus to be for the City of Columbus.”

Throughout 2023, our board, staff, and leaders have been laboring to get the right people in the right rooms through our Leaders Summit, Concert of Prayer, Mission Increase Workshops, and the over 33 networks throughout Central Ohio. We’ve sought to bring greater infrastructure and tools to network leaders, pastors, and ministry leaders on how they can unleash their collective calling to make a tangible impact. We’ve seen new churches, schools, and nonprofits started with a fuller vision of the Kingdom of God in Columbus.

The past 30 years have set the stage for the next 30, and we want to invite you to join thousands of partners praying for a mighty move of God, getting involved, and investing in the future to create strength and sustainability. Though this report is a mere snapshot of the endless grace of God upon us, we are praying that you read it as an act of worship to Jesus Christ, thanking God for His abundant grace that we get to serve Him in such a time as this.

—Nick Nye


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